Conservation Land Planning

Fundación Tierra Austral helps conservation-minded private landowners, including individuals, families, and businesses, assess the ecological, scenic, and cultural and historical importance of their properties, as well as their lands’ current or future sustainable land uses.

Joint efforts

Every DRC agreement is drafted to meet the needs of each landowner and property, and can range from establishing irreplaceable and pristine ecological reserves to accommodating income-producing, sustainably managed working farms and forests.

FTA may also help landowners with the creation of comprehensive management plans for these properties, addressing a range of land use issues, including eco-tourism, environmental education, sustainable agriculture or forestry, and threats from encroachments, non-native species of flora and fauna, and fire.

Our services

  • Evaluating the status of the environmental attributes of privately-owned properties
  • Identifying the interests and expectations of private landowners
  • Preparing baseline reports that document the ecological, scenic, sustainable land use, and cultural and historic attributes of potential conservation properties
  • Identifying the most appropriate conservation tools and strategies to accomplish the long-term protection of private lands
  • Drafting Derecho Real de Conservación agreements, including acting as a party to the agreements with the landowner, if appropriate
  • Overseeing the long-term stewardship of the Derecho Real de Conservación agreements, including annual monitoring of the properties, and taking legal action in the event of a violation of the agreement
  • Advising private landowners on conservation land planning, including ecological management, accommodating income-producing sustainable land uses (e.g. agriculture, forestry and eco-tourism), and mitigating threats

Conservation agreement: Derecho Real de Conservación

Tierra Austral works with landowners and stakeholders, including individuals, families, companies, or foundations, on all phases of the process of protecting landscapes with a Derecho Real de Conservación.

Joint efforts

Fundación Tierra Austral works with private landowners who wish to conserve an area, be they private landowners, foundations, companies or families.

Areas of work

  • Defining the interests related to the intention for conservation of the land
  • Defining the environmental value of the land
  • Zoning of the land
  • Advising on the design of the Derecho Real de Conservación agreement