Valle California, Palena Province, X Region of Los Lagos, Chile

Property Description(Servient’s Land Value)

The Servient Land possesses a natural, historical and economic value which is material and indispensable to the dominant land, including without limitation: a) a significant biological Diversity resulting from its location in an area surrounded by mountain ranges and its composition of a mosaic of anthropic grassland valley, the presence of native forests, water resources such as the El Tigre river of which provide, indispensable habitat for multiple species of birds and mammals; b) the free flowing stretches of the El Tigre river, which has a high water quality and which is a tributary of the Palena River (one of the region`s major watercourses); c) unspoiled freshwater, aquatic resources, such as pristine Andean lakes; d) primary and secondary forests, dominated by the three major native tree species of Chilean Patagonia, the Ñirre, Coigue and Lenga beech; e) unspoiled and unfragmented wildlife habitat for a wide range of flora and fauna, including the endangered huemul, deer, pumas, magellanic woodpeckers, and the largest flying bird in the western hemisphere , the Andean condor; f) its close proximity to the pristine Reserva Nacional Lago Palena protected public area, which results in important landscape connectivity for wildlife; g) its  prominent scenic visibility from the Dominant Land and from surrounding properties.


Master Planning and Development 
  • The Property identifies 7 potential Service Areas, 7 Limited Development Areas and 1 Protected Area.

  • The Protected Area constitutes up to a 93% of the entire Property, and it has consider within it’s layout the most relevant ecological features of the property such as adult native forest, most of the riverbank of Rio Tigre and Rio Azul, etc.

  • The location of these LDAs has been established, based on master planning and ecological assessment of the property.


Density Proposal
  • 6 LDA’s will hold up to 25 Residences (with its corresponding Guest Houses and Ancillary Structures).

  • Permitted Construction will allow a maximum of square footage as follows (all with a 10 meters top height from pre-existing surface):

    • Residences: 5,000 sq. ft. / 464 sq. mtrs.

    • Guest Houses: 1,400 sq. ft. / 130,06 sq. mtrs.

    • Ancillary Structures: 1,400 sq. ft. / 130.06 sq. mtrs.

    • Multipurpose Structure (small hotel, eco lodge, scientific research center, etc.): 55,000 sq. ft. / 5,109.76  sq. mtrs.

  • The overall permitted constructed surface of the property is of 255,000 sq. ft / 23,690 sq. mtrs.

  • The existing infrastructure in the property will not be considered for purposes of the total number of residences and maximum square footage in the property.


Permitted Land Uses
  • Within the LDAs: certain profitable and sustainable land uses such as eco tourism, limited real estate development (construction of Residences, Guest Houses and Ancillary Structures, research and educational activities, sustainable agriculture and forestry, water extraction for consumption, unpaved roads and basic services infrastructure construction; and subdivision in Parcels.

  • Within the Protected Area: certain low impact recreational activities, productive and sustainable land management, maintenance, landscaping, water extraction for consumption, unpaved roads and basic services infrastructure construction, temporary infrastructure for Landowners to enjoy the Protected Area.

  • Within the Service Area: sustainable agriculture, forestry and livestock, and keep infrastructure for management, maintenance services, supply, recycling and waste management.

Prohibited Land Uses (except as permitted in the Easement)
  • Altering the surface, including moving soil, digging or removing soil, sand, gravel or rock.

  • Altering, deteriorating, modifying or negatively affecting lagoons, wetland, creeks, rivers and any other water shade or source.

  • Performing any kind of mining, industrial or any kind of real estate development, agriculture, livestock grazing, hunting, land management, research and educational activities.

  • Cut, clear or burn native forest without express consent of the Land Trust.

  • Subdividing the Property differently to the detailed LDA’s, parcels and Service Areas.

  • Changing land use destination (according to Chilean law).

  • Selling, transferring, assigning, encumbering the property or granting third parties rights or interests over the property without the consent of the Land Trust.

  • Increasing LDA’s area over 7% of the overall Property area.

  • Signing, executing, subscribing or performing any act that could constitute a breach of the easement.


Approvals ​

Approval from the Land Trust required for constructions and land management.

Accessory Rights of the Land Trust
  • ​Access the LDA/Parcel to monitor terms of the easement.

  • Access the Protected Area to perform controlled educational programs.

  • Demand and obtain orders and resolutions to avoid breaches to the Easement.

  • Demand and obtain demolition and modifications of unauthorized constructions breaching the terms of the easement.

  • Demand and obtain restoration of ecosystems, land cover, forests, plants, wildlife and any other relevant element damaged by breaches to the Easement.

  • Perform any act, contract or activity required to avoid or mitigate any imminent damage to the Property’s natural resources, land cover and ecosystems.


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