Tierra Austral is focused on conserving the natural heritage of Chile by using legal tools that allow long-term protection of private lands. Tierra Austral works with private landowners in the following aspects: 


  • Identifying the most appropriate legal tool for long-term protection.

  • Acting as counterpart in voluntary conservation agreements with private landowners interested in conservation. 

  • Providing insight and consultancy services in the creation of In Rem Right of Conservation (DRC).

  • Identifying natural resources and creating baseline in accordance with conservation goals.

  • Providing advise during the planning process of the conservation project.

  • Monitoring at least once a year the terms of conservation agreements (such as DRC).

  • Guiding and acting as counterpart to reduce impact of man-made activities in the environment.

Mail: contacto@fundaciontierraaustral.cl

Avenida Vitacura

Santiago, Chile

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