In carrying out our work, the Tierra Austral Land Trust is guided by the following core values:

Stewardship – Chilean Patagonia and other regions of the country are blessed with diverse ecosystems, wildlife habitats, scenic landscapes, and productive forests and farmland, all of which are a trust to be conserved for future generations through sound stewardship practices.

Community - A shared appreciation for the land contributes to a strong and healthy community. The Tierra Austral Land Trust’s conservation agenda should be responsive to the needs and desires of the people who live in Chilean Patagonia and other regions of Chile where protected properties are located.

Tradition – Reverence for Chilean Patagonia and the country’s other magnificent and unspoiled landscapes, as well as a historic tradition of sustainable land management has played a defining role in shaping the country’s natural environment and national character. The balance of vast open landscapes and forests with rural communities are central to our heritage and should be maintained.

Innovation – The Tierra Austral Land Trust is one of Chile’s first independent, non-profit land trust organizations.  The Land Trust is proud and strongly committed to its role in developing and disseminating new, innovative and practical tools and incentives for voluntary private land conservation in Chilean Patagonia and other regions of the country.  These tools, including Servidumbre Voluntaria agreements, tax incentives and support for enabling legislation for Chilean conservation easements, the Derecho Real de Conservación, have the potential to make historic strides in land conservation in Chile.

Collaboration – The Tierra Austral Land Trust collaborates with private landowners, other NGOs, and government agencies with common objectives, the voluntary protection of conservation land and sustainably managed forests and farms. We are strongly committed to collaborative, non-confrontational solutions. We listen to all concerns.  We treat everyone with respect.


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