Chile-California Conservation Network

Project Description

Over the past years, it is been developed an effort for advancing knowledge and experiences exchange among Chile and California land conservation leaders. The key goal of this effort has been to facilitate robust and useful dialogue on issues of concern between two extremely similar areas of the world. In this regard, Tierra Austral has been participating in this initiative and has become part of the group that is organizing conferences and promoting this alliance between land conservation in Chile and California. During year 2017, the first conference gathered more than 20 Chilean conservation leaders (legislators, lawyers, landowners, and NGOs) in Sonoma County, with California counterpart. A second but smaller version of the conference took place in January 2018 in Chile and another conference is been planned for the upcoming years.

Exchange of ideas regarding the following topics is pursued by the Chile- California Conservation Network:


  • Implementing Chile’s recently passed Real Conservation Right (DRC) legislation or conservation easements in USA and other land protection tools.

  • Funding mechanisms and economic incentives for public and private land protection in Chile and California, including tax incentives and mitigation funding.

  • Collaborations between land trusts and public agencies.

  • Compare climate change strategies, land protection incentives, laws, institutions, and practices in Chile and California.


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Santiago, Chile

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