The Tierra Austral Land Trust (Tierra Austral), one of Chile’s first private, non-profit land trust organizations, works with landowners, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and government agencies, to protect ecologically, scenically, and culturally significant land in Chilean Patagonia and other regions of the country.  Tierra Austral accomplishes these goals by helping landowners take practical, voluntary action to conserve their properties. Tierra Austral uses innovative and established land conservation tools, including Servidumbre Voluntaria agreements or In Rem Right of Conservation, sustainable land management, preserve management, and conservation reserve designation under Chilean law. Tierra Austral is committed to advancing sustainable land uses in Chilean Patagonia and other regions of the country, including conservation of wildlife habitat, sustainable forestry, agriculture and ecotourism. Tierra Austral is also committed to increasing the range of tools and incentives available to landowners to take action to protect their properties, and to increasing awareness across Chile of the need for biological diversity, healthy wildlife habitats, and sustainably managed productive lands.


The Tierra Austral Land Trust will be a dynamic and collaborative force in conserving and sustaining the ecosystems, magnificent open spaces and productive lands in Chilean Patagonia and other regions of the country. Tierra Austral will be a nationally recognized leader in developing and making available a new range of practical tools for voluntary conservation and sustainable land management by private landowners across Chile. These tools will simultaneously conserve the region’s fragile ecosystems and extraordinarily scenic landscapes, while respecting and nurturing cultural traditions, including the sustainable management of forests and farmland.

Mail: contacto@fundaciontierraaustral.cl

Avenida Vitacura

Santiago, Chile

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